4 Unique Employee Benefits to Boost Morale

4 Unique Employee Benefits to Boost Morale

4 Unique Employee Benefits to Boost MoraleSalary isn’t the only way to entice employees, benefits have a major impact too.

A recent survey found that 95 percent of Americans consider employee benefits before deciding whether or not to accept a new position or stay in their current job. When it comes to attracting the best talent, companies know that salaries aren’t the only thing that potential hires aren’t only thing they’re going to look at. Apart from the obvious benefits they receive, these benefits make the employee feel like they are part of the team and that their presence and well-being is an important part of making the company move forward. Here are 4 unique employee benefits that can seriously boost morale around the workplace.

Paternity Leave: More and more companies are offering new dads paid leave, just like most companies offer new mothers paid leave; companies are now understanding the importance of being an involved father in a family.

Continuing Education: Many companies implement some kind of reimbursement program for employees. Many companies offer to pay the continuing education of their employees as they learn and become more valuable to the company with their new diploma.

Free Public Transportation: Many employers located in cities know that parking can be immensely expensive. Free bus or metro passes get their employees to and from work with minimum stress and expense.

Free Food: Because . . . well, who doesn’t love free food???

Employees don’t need benefits, but they also don’t need to stay with your company—especially when another company is offering them the benefits that make them feel like part of the team. These unique benefits, in addition to the general benefits, should do the trick for your company! To find out if you should be, contact Employee Benefit Plans Inc. in Greenwood Village, Colorado.