Discerning Your Need For Disability Insurance

Discerning Your Need For Disability Insurance

Discerning Your Need For Disability InsuranceCreating The Right Package For Your Company

As a business owner, you have poured blood, sweat and tears (possibly quite literally) into your business. Consequently, when you bring an employee onto your team it is a little like welcoming a new person to your family, and you want to ensure that person has the care and protection he or she needs.

One way that you can provide peace of mind for your employees and for yourself is by securing a disability insurance package for your business. This type of coverage ensures that if one of your employees becomes unable to work for a job-related reason, he or she will have the support needed to continue to live comfortably.

Your disability should include both short and long-term disability insurance. This will ensure that your employees have the coverage they need no matter what life brings your business’s way. Short-term disability insurance will cover an employee who is unable to work for the period of one year or less. Fortunately, these payouts happen relatively quickly, usually in two weeks or less, so your employee can continue to maintain his or her quality of life.

Long-term disability insurance payouts can take longer—from three months to up to two years—but will ensure that even if your employee is never able to work another day, he or she will be able to live comfortably. Disability insurance is a great way to make sure you have the means to take care of your employees.

Are you looking for a dedicated industry expert to come alongside you, understand your business’s unique situation, and create the right disability package for your company? Contact Employee Benefit Plans Inc. in Greenwood Village for all of your Colorado insurance needs. We are here with the expertise and level of care necessary to ensure you get the disability insurance your business needs.