How To: Choose The Right Health Insurance Plan

How To: Choose The Right Health Insurance Plan

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Picking The Right Plan For You

Even though the next open enrollment period is a few months away, it can pay off to prepare now. With all of the changes in the healthcare industry, doing your research ahead of time ensures you can make the best, most educated decision when the time arrives to choose your plan.

Under the new Affordable Care Act regulation, American individuals and families have the option to choose either a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Plan. To help you make the right call for your specific needs, here is a look at the primary benefits of each of these plans.

  • Bronze Plan: If you want to save on your monthly health insurance premiums, the Bronze Plan is the way to go. This coverage will have the least monthly cost, but it will also mean the most out-of-pocket expense. This plan is best for budget-conscious people who do not visit the doctor very often.
  • Silver Plan: This type of plan is designed for the average family who does not have a significant budget for health care premiums or out-of-pocket expenses. It balances your monthly rates with your costs at the doctor.
  • Gold Plan: If you regularly visit the doctor and like to be able to head in for a visit whenever you feel it could benefit you, the Gold Plan is a great option. Your premiums will be a bit higher, but your out-of-pocket expenses will be reduced.
  • Platinum Plan: If you know you will be in need a lot of health services in the coming year, the Platinum Plan is your best option. Again, your monthly premiums will be higher and you may be able to keep your medical expenses at a minimum.

The good news is that you will never have to pick the right plan on your own. The dedicated, knowledgeable team at Employee Benefit Plans Inc. is staying up to date on all of the changes the Affordable Care Act are bringing so we can advise you on the best coverage at the best price. For all of your Colorado health insurance needs, contact our team in Greenwood Village today.