Attention Men: Health Screenings Could Save Your Life!

Attention Men: Health Screenings Could Save Your Life!

Men's Health Screenings Save LivesWhy Getting Screened Is Worth The Hassle

Ever since we were little kids, the majority of us have avoided going to the doctor. Whether you were trying to avoid an injection or just did not want to be told you need to eat healthier, there are a number of reasons why you might have put off your appointment. The problem, though, is that as we get older, seeing the doctor even when nothing seems wrong becomes crucially important.

Why would you go to the doc when you are not suffering from a sickness or an injury? Because, preventative screenings save lives. Need proof? If every person between the ages of 50 and 75 got regularly screened, as many as 60 percent of cancer-related deaths could be avoided!

Regular screenings are especially important for men, who need to be routinely checked for both colorectal and prostate cancer. Once you hit the age of 50, your risk for prostate cancer increases. The risk of colorectal cancer is also important to monitor, as it is the second highest cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States among cancers that affect women and men.

To avoid these two common and major men’s health issues, preventative screenings are key. The earlier your condition is caught, the more effective its treatments will be. For example, precancerous polyps can be detected during a screening. Your doctor can then remove them before they develop into cancer, protecting your body against having to battle for its health.

A lack of health insurance should never keep you from getting the screening you need. To get the right Colorado coverage for your body’s changing needs contact Employee Benefit Plans Inc. We are here to help you get the health insurance you need to get screened and get peace of mind in Greenwood Village.