Seniors, Use These Tips For More Safety At Home

Seniors, Use These Tips For More Safety At Home

These safety tips can help seniors avoid injury, illness, and other issues at home.

As you get older, a lot changes. You’ve probably noticed that some tasks are becoming a bit more difficult, and may be wondering how you can stay ahead of any challenges aging brings your way.

With these tips, seniors can stay safe at home. Use these home safety guidelines to avoid injuries, illnesses and other issues so you can continue to enjoy your retirement!

  • Take the time to go through your home and identify any tripping or slipping hazards. Put rugs over slick floors, move cords out of walkways, rearrange furniture so you have a clear path through your home, and make sure your stair rail is sturdy.
  • To make sure you never face problems in the kitchen, clearly label “on” and “off” switches on all of your appliances. When you do turn an appliance on, set a timer to remind yourself to turn it off again. Get in the habit of checking expiration dates on your foods regularly, and get the cleaning tools you need to make keeping counters and floors clean easy.
  • So you don’t have to struggle to read the tiny print on your medication, clearly label each bottle. It’s a good idea to write out the correct dosage on the label, too. Before you take any non-prescription drugs, talk to your doctor about how they’ll mix with your prescribed medication.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about staying safe at home and trying to keep up your house? You might consider long term care to get the help you need to continue to enjoy the comfort, convenience, and security of your own home. Long term care insurance can help you cover that cost, so contact Employee Benefit Plans Inc. today to learn more! We serve Greenwood Village and the rest of Colorado and are here to help you get the policies you need to protect your golden years.