The Importance Of Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance

The Importance Of Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance

Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance Greenwood Village, COProtect Your Employees And Their Family By Offering This Coverage

As a business, you are dedicated to protecting your employees and their families. Consequently, you offer all of the benefits that you are able. Unfortunately, it sometimes becomes financially impossible for you to offer every coverage you think could serve your employees.

This is where voluntary benefits can step in. Voluntary benefits are benefits you offer to your employees at no cost to your company. Your employee pays for the benefit in full through payroll deduction. Although it may seem that, in that case, your employee should go out and secure that benefit independently, the ease of payroll deduction and the certainty that you have chosen a good program to protect your workforce can encourage employees to take advantage of protection they otherwise would not.

This is often the case with voluntary critical illness insurance. This type of coverage will pay a one-time, lump sum should your employee come down with a critical illness (e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke). This will help that employee cover medical expenses, replace lost wages due to an inability to work after a diagnosis, and can even be used for simple things like groceries so your employee can maintain his or her quality of life.

Offering voluntary critical illness insurance is a crucial part of helping your employees protect themselves and their families. Even as the likelihood of surviving a grave diagnosis becomes higher with the wonders of modern medicine, medical bills can cripple a family. Do not leave your employees exposed; give them the option of voluntary critical illness insurance.

If you would like to learn more about the voluntary benefits you can offer to help your employees build their best quality of life, contact Employee Benefit Plans Inc. in Greenwood Village, CO. We are here to meet all of your Colorado insurance needs.